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Information marking
Information marking at a workplace prevents accidents and damage, therefore it should be done with great care. The last few years has the amount of symbols increased by a lot, so much that an ISO standard has been introduced. The symbols we have in our website are in storage for immediately delivery, if you do not find what you are looking for you can contact us – we have more – all are not shown here.
VM | Vinyl label
Our vinyl is a self-adhesive label that adhere to most surfaces. The label has a long durability and good resistant toward water, oil and sun rays.
The adhesive crystallizes after a few days and the labels becomes harder to remove. If you want to adjust the position of the label you must do it as soon as possible.
VMS | Hard plastic sign
Our vinyl label is assembled on a hard plastic plate made of styrene. This allows it to be hanged or screwed into a wall.
Excellent choice if there is no surface to adhere a vinyl label like a pole or hanging from the ceiling.
VMA | Aluminum sign
Our vinyl label is assembled on an aluminum plate. It has a lifelong durability, resist weather, wind and specially made to be used out doors.
Excellent choice if you need to use a safety marking on a steel wire fence.
VMF | Floor label
Our vinyl label is assembled with a strong scratch resistant laminate on top. This protects the printed surface from wearing out that is the issue with floor markings.
To increase the durability of the floor label the corners are rounded. The floor is a many ways a very effective surface to place safety marking on.
VML | Photoluminescent
A vinyl label like VM from above, but this once has photoluminescent abilities. Available in all the Emergency symbol.
PM & PMF | Placement markings
Placement is all about order in the workplace. Mark where the binges should be placed or where to park handtrucks. We have several symbols with and without text.
RC & RCF | Recycling markings
Recycling is important to the enviroment. Mark the places where things should be recycled and what. Available with or without text. Contact us if you want a custom text.