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Lean Production
Order and organised is important for a pleasant and effektive workplace. Lean is something that will help you plan the flow in the work, both under plan-stage or out in the production.
FMS 360 | Stencil
Our stencil can be used in two ways. Primary is to use it as a stencil and adhere to floor or wall then paint - the vinyl is removable. Second the main symbol can be used as-is.
FMS 90 | Stencil
Same as FMS from above, only in specific symbols like dot, oval, cross, corner and so on. For painting pallet placement.
GEC | Whiteboard
A product that can adhere directly to a whiteboard. It's a printed vinyl with a clear whiteboard laminate that protects the print, surface and is usable with whiteboard pens. Is delivered in panels for easy installation.
KT | Kanban
A kanban solution that contains multiple holders, lines and holders with coloured frames. Perfect for making your own kanban board that fits your company.
VSM 130 | Visual Management Kit
A kit for visual management. It is magnetic labels with different symbols that helps organize and build up a production flow. Contains 26 different symbols, 5 of each.
VSM 5 | Visual Management
Visual Management symbols, here are all the symbols if you require to just a few, comes in 5 of each.