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Label holders
We have a wide range of label holders for paper labels that are perfectly suited for labelling pallet racking, shelving, wire shelving and plastic crates. The label holders come in different forms in order to meet specific requirements. We have holders that protect the label from dirt so it lasts longer, as well as holders that are open on the upper edge, making regular label changes easy. Our angled holders ensure visible labelling at both high and low heights.
Label holders for pallet racking
We have a wide selection of label holders for pallet racking which are suited to the market’s different beam profiles. The holders come with self-adhesive tape or magnets that make it easy to move the label. They are available in different heights for optimum visibility at different distances.
Label holders for shelf
We have a wide selection of label holders, all adapted to the market’s different shelf profiles. The length of the holders range from 75 mm to 1200 mm and are available with self-adhesive tape, foam tape or a magnet that makes it easy to move the labels.
Label holders for post
Label holders for pillars are a good option for complementing or replacing labels at greater heights. Information about the higher rack levels can be placed on the pallet-racking pillars, where it is possible to read and scan barcodes.
Label holders for plastic crate
Our label holders for plastic crates are suitable for many of the market’s plastic containers. If the content of plastic containers often varies and are difficult to check quickly, our holders offer a good choice that enables frequent label modifications. The labelling is therefore always be kept up to date with the contents of the container.
Label holders for wire shelf
Label holders with clips are a good way of labelling wire shelving, where it can be difficult to get self-adhesive tape or magnets to stick. We offer labels in standard lengths of 105 and 210 mm.
Divide your shelves and racking into section with a simple divider. Available in adaptive, moveable and permanent solution.
OK | Add-ons to holders to expand on their uses
OK-group contains add-ons that gives a holder extended use to be adhere to things like cantilever, wireframes and even hangning.