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Label holders for shelves
We have a wide selection of label holders, all adapted to the market’s different shelf profiles. The length of the holders range from 75 mm to 1200 mm and are available with self-adhesive tape, foam tape or a magnet that makes it easy to move the labels.
EH & EHB | Open upper edge
The EH holder is open on the upper edge, which makes it easy to insert the label while offering good protection. Thanks to our flexible production technology, it’s easy to modify the label dimensions according to specific needs. The EH holder comes in standard heights of 18, 22 and 26 mm and is available with self-adhesive tape. The standard of 26 mm height comes with magnetic tape.
EX & EXB | Protective upper edge
The EX holder gives the label complete protection, helping it to last longer. Thanks to the efficient production process, it is well suited for larger volumes. The EX holder comes with self-adhesive tape and magnets in the standard height of 26 mm.
EXV | Angled, open upper edge
The EXV holder is angled at either 27 or 45 degrees. It is well suited for labelling shelves at high and low heights to ensure good visibility of the label. EXV comes in a standard height of 26 mm and in lengths of 100, 105, 900, 940 and 1000 mm.
EX | Coloured back
By choosing a coloured EX holder you can easily colour-code your labelling. This keeps spaces tidy and in good order, while enabling the label to clearly stand out. The standard colours are blue, red, white and black. The standard size is 1000 mm in length by 26 mm in height.
EL & ELB | HI 280 Profile
The EL holder makes it possible to lift the label off the shelf profile. This is a very good option for shelf profiles that aren’t flat, such as shelf HI 280, thus enabling the easy affixing of the label and good visibility. The EL holder is either 26 or 39 mm in height and comes with either a strong adhesive foam tape or magnets.
EHV & EHVB | Angled, open upper edge
The EHV-holder is angled, enabling good visibility of labels at high or low heights. The holder comes with strong adhesive foam tape or magnets that allow it to be moved easily. EHV comes in standard heights of 26 and 39mm.