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Floor marking rolls
Use our floor-marking rolls to demarcate different functional surfaces, such as where people and machines should not be at the same time – for example: truck aisles, and production and setup areas.
The rolls come in different colours and are also striped to denote a warning.
FM | Monochromatic
Monochromatic floor marking roll with 25 metres in length. Available in 60 or 90 mm width and multiple colours.
FM L | Photoluminescent
Floor marking ribbon with photoluminescent properties. Comes in a roll of 10 metres in length and 88 mm witdh.
FM 900 | Extra wide
This wide roll at 900mm is primarily intended for clearly marking surfaces for aisle traffic.
FMP | Two-tone striped
This product is primarily intended for signalling warnings to attract extra attention. The two-tone stripped rolls are 24 metres in length. Available in 60 or 90 mm width and comes in different colour variations.
FMA | Rolls for asphalt
Based on our monochromatic and two-tone striped rolls but the material and adhesive is adapted for concrete and asphalt.