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The floor has become just as natural a place for using labelling systems as shelving and pallet racking have always been.
Logistics are becoming increasingly important, smart flow is even more essential, and the ambition to get everything right from the start have meant that even the floor needs labelling products.
Kortsystem’s floor marking products meet these needs and we are delighted to offer a number of different products in the form of rolls, decals and printed decals.
No stoppages or closures are needed to allow for drying time when fitting the floor markings. The surface to be marked only needs to be cleaned before the markings are applied directly onto it – it is then ready for use.
Our floor markings are made of laminated vinyl, which provides a hardwearing surface, and their low profile of only 195µm means that they last longer.
Our products work well on treated concrete flooring.
Use our floor-marking rolls to demarcate different functional surfaces, such as where people and machines should not be at the same time – for example: truck aisles, and production and setup areas.
The rolls come in different colours and are also striped to denote a warning.
A magnetic roll with self-adhesive tape is suitable for mounting either self-printed cardboard labels or label holders. We offer standard heights of 12, 19 and 25 mm. The self-adhesive tape has good adhesiveness, which means it holds for a long time.
Warnings tape in different colours