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We manufacture a wide range of signs. As standard, these are made in plastic and fitted with self-adhesive tape, or in vinyl with a self-adhesive backing for direct application onto surfaces.
From our experience we know how large signs and the information they contain should look in order to be easily readable at a given distance.
On request, we can also produce signs with an aluminium backing or with special features, such as magnetic hangers, signs for outdoor use, or made using reflective or luminous materials.
We can also offer larger signs, for example aisle signs that cover the edge of a whole pallet racking bay, information boards and signs for hanging from ceilings or over gates.
Our signs are also available as floor markings or safety signage. For more information, see the relevant section.
SK & GS | Unassembled
A good-value option that provides a holder for items such as aisle information in warehouses. Comes in two types – straight or angled – and in several sizes. These are supplied with double-sided tape for simple set-up and can be combined with labels from our T or GE products – see below.
T | Characters
Individual numbers and letters in black print on yellow vinyl, suitable for items such as those from our SK and GS range – see above – or for placement directly onto sheet metal.
Other colours are available on request and we also have experience of producing cut-out characters.
GE | Sign labels
Our GE sign is suitable for when information is collated or that contains more than one character or element, such as a barcode, arrows or colours. The label is self-adhesive and can either be mounted on our SK and GS range – see above – or applied directly to sheet metal doors or gables.
GE also offers a large selection of colours.
GES | Ready assembled
There are several benefits from choosing a ready-assembled sign. It is supplied complete upon delivery, the label is mounted onto the sign professionally, and you save a considerable amount of time compared to doing parts of it yourself.
As standard, it can be supplied in different forms, as an aisle sign in either straight or angled format with double-sided tape, or with a hard plastic back for installation against a wall or in the ceiling.
GES Rack Signs | Ready assembled
This ready assembled sign with foam tape as adhesive is perfect for poles or rack uprights. This allows you to have information and barcode at heads length and not several meters away to scan for.
GET | Gable, Ceiling & Gates
Bigger signs for different executions, like one-sided for gates, two-sided or four-sided to be hanged from ceiling.
VL | Accessory to GEP & GET
VL is an angled list with self-adhesive. It's used to combine/adhere signs like GEP to a plow-sign or a four-sided sign. VL is connected between two signs.
Add-ons to GET
This is and aluminum signs. Accessories for GET makes perfect kombination with plastic holders (PF).
OK | Accessories to GET
There is all from chains, hangers, hooks, pipes, and so on. Everything to help you install your sign or holder from the ceiling or floor.