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Cardboard labels
In order to use a cardboard label, one of our label holders is needed to fix the label. The advantage of choosing cardboard is that it is possible to change the label should this be necessary. The label is also well protected in a label holder, which helps it to last longer.
TE | Printed cardboard
Thanks to our own printing facilities, we can offer our customers´ high-quality printed labels at good prices, made to fit their needs. The labels are available in a number of different sizes with a varying number of characters. Extra colours, barcodes, arrows and affixing material can also be selected. We have extensive experience of handling larger volumes and therefore always offer to insert the labels into the label holders, all to reduce the time spent hanging up the labels.
KLP | Perforated A4
We have perforated cardboard labels that fit our label holders. If labels need to be changed regularly, a good option can be to buy label holders from us with the matching cardboard labels so that you can print the labels yourselves. We offer white and yellow cardboard as standard.
KP | Perforated
This product is similar to KLP, but contains just one strip of perforated labels. Easy to use, these work well for handwritten information and in small volumes, but can also be loaded into a printer by adjusting the tray.