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GSS 50-47
Numbers in series 50x47 mm, 6 qty/sheet, 2 digits, acc.spec.
GSS 50-47
Product description:
GSS-label is printed on self-adhesive vinyl and delivered in sheets. They consist of only numbers that follows a customer defined serial pattern.
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2. Choose number of digits
Price for GSS 50-47
Total value: 92,00 (SEK) Add to cart Get a sample
Amount of each: 1
Quantity discount (6 qty/sheet)
1-9 ea.
10-49 ea.
50-99 ea.
100-199 ea.
200+ ea.
Create serial for GSS 50-47 (6 qty/sheet)
Begin serial from and end serial at *
Serial interval:
01 02 03 04 05 ...
Amount of zeros:
Repeat same serial times
Choose background colour:
• *This product is sold in sheets. Generated serials will automatically count to the end of a sheet.
• Notice that you need to deselect a box (they turn green) if you want the information and price to update.