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2023-08-31 New price list 2023!
New price list with new products. Se our removable floor marking, cover plastic and signs for poles.
2020-09-01 Links to products in our orderdokuments
New in our order-documentation is a link to our produkt on our webpage - good and easy when you need more details.
2020-09-01 Order samples directly from our website
Vi have a new funktion on our website - possible to order samples directly from our product page.
2017-09-01 Big update: New products, new broschures and new prices/price list. Look around our website or download from our documents.
2016-03-15 Safety signs (VM) can now be ordered from our website (swedish text only)
2020-08-01 New roof cover and isolation
After 28 years we changing our roof coverage and isolation on our oldest factory part. We have also installed new smoke-gas-vents.
2020-01-01 Kortsystem changes CEO
2019-05-19 Solar power ready for Kortsystem
2018-03-01 120 new storage places for EUR-pallets.
In february we installed new pallet racket so we can stora 120 EUR-pallets. Also 24 new pallet pull-out units.

Our company is growing and this is a welcomed add-on to handle material for our production.
2017-11-02 Machine investment
Today our new cutting system is installed and running. This machine will give us higher capacity and better delivery capabilities.
At Kortsystem we work with labelling systems in four different product areas: warehouse, production, store and industrial labelling. We are a family-owned company based in Gislaved, where we develop and manufacture all of our products. These consist of labels, signs and holders that we sell primarily in Northern Europe. Come and take a look at our wide selection of products.
About Kortsystem
The Business Idea
Kortsystem delivers appropriate, high-quality and competitively priced labelling that meets all of our customer’s needs. Kortsystem also endeavours to be an attractive employer offering continual professional development to its employees.
Kortsystem’s vision is to become the European leader in our four product areas – warehouse, production, store and industrial labelling. Kortsystem strives to be the customer’s first choice for products in these four areas.
Kortsystem aims to be consistently associated with high quality, at all stages of the customer relationship. We do this by constantly improving our internal processes so that we always fulfil our customer’s requirements. We also believe that a high level of involvement in the process as well as a high level of service contribute greatly to our ability to deliver projects on time, at the right price and of the right quality.
A sustainable future
Kortsystem would like to be part of creating a sustainable future for people and the environment. Through professional family ownership, we can take a stable and long-term approach to our relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

We work actively to reduce our own impact on the environment, while also supporting our customers to achieve the same. Many of our products help to reduce waste and create more efficient processes.

We are currently working actively to reduce any inefficiencies in our processes. We only use renewable energy and provide an electric car charging station for our colleagues and visitors.